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About EHRL

EHRL has been a world leader for almost 30 years in stylish furnishings, custom-made products and individual garden design. Exhibiting across 15,000m² in Greding, Germany, the company is a real meeting point for national and international customers and collectors as well as for dealers, interior designers and architects.

EHRL started its journey in 1987 with the creation of the Art Dealership, followed by EHRL Interior & Design, with a division of international wholesaling, six years later. In 2002 the imperious Villa Greding was integrated into the company and EHRL Stone & Garden was created. A year later EHRL-Studios was founded while, in 2016, the company expanded to another striking property - the Old Mill in Greding.

EHRL has a deep and profound respect for the authenticity and the individuality of every piece and people and craftsmanship is its passion. The company tends to every piece with the utmost love and care.

EHRL has built up a reputation for the highest quality work,...
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