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About Galleria Esposito Antiquario

Chiara Esposito runs the Galleria Esposito Antiquario, which specialises in 17th, 18th and 19th-century Italian and European antique furniture and fine art, in the same place her father opened his business in Florence in 1990.

A three-generations family business, the building housing the shop on Via Maggio - the street dedicated to the antiques trade since ancient times - dates back to the 14th century. Its wonderful arched ceilings and charming original architectural details provide the perfect setting to display the magnificent pieces within.

Italian and French Baroque, Neoclassical and Empire period artworks are among Chiara’s favourite antique pieces but she loves her collection to always be eclectic. She gives her clients - both trade and private ones - not only a wide range of antique pieces but also Art Deco, mid-century and even contemporary art objects and textiles.

The inventory comes mainly from private Italian homes and private sellers. The Esposito gallery has an int...
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