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About Moderne Gallery

Founded by Robert Aibel in 1984, Moderne Gallery in Philadelphia is internationally renowned as a leading dealer of exceptional design from the 20th century.

With a specialized knowledge of works from the American Craft Movement, the gallery has established a reputation as an authority on works by designers such as George Nakashima and Wharton Esherick. In 1985, Moderne Gallery was pioneering in its exhibition of the work of George Nakashima and continues to maintain the finest and largest selection in the US of the designer’s 1940s-1980s designs.

The gallery has also extended its inventory to include vintage work by Sam Maloof, Wendell Castle, Arthur Espenet Carpenter, David Ebner, Peter Voulkos, Toshiko Takaezu, Viola Frey, Edward Moulthrop, William Hunter and many others.

Since 2010 Moderne Gallery has been co-directed by Robert Aibel and his son Joshua and in 2020, relocated to a 16,000 sq. ft. location in the Port Richmond district of Philadelphia where the large gallery spa...
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