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About Reeves Design + Art

Reeves Antiques is a family-owned and operated art gallery and furniture store located in the historic Midtown / Montrose district of Houston. Founded in 1969, it has been providing a quality selection of rare furniture and art for over 50 years.

Second-generation owner Matt Reeves has kept step with ever-gentrifying Montrose, transitioning what was a designer-loved, curiosity-filled antiques shop into a thriving market focusing on modern furnishings and art. Prices are reasonable for everyone from the budding design enthusiast to the seasoned collector.

Reeves Antiques gets new pieces in every day and specializes in 20th-century design in both furniture and art with a keen eye for Texas artists, both past and present. You will find a wide array of different types of works in the collection, from paintings, to drawings, to sculptures.

The dealer’s gallery is highly curated and all of the pieces are sourced and stored with the utmost care and attention to detail. While many of the...
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