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About Remi Dubois Design

"Remi Dubois Design was established by founder Remi Dubois in his home city of London. Their design studio and workshop creates beautifully made furniture to stand the test of time; and they offer their clients a bespoke service and a range of designs, some of which can be tailored to their individual requirements.

The studio works to the highest standards, with skilled hands ensuring no detail is ever overlooked. They take great pride in the beauty of the materials, working with them to create more than just a functional piece of furniture – they strive to blend the lines between art, sculpture and furniture to offer something unique, memorable and long-lasting.

Remi Dubois Design are committed to the creation of a dynamic product range with a high regard for sustainability, design and craftsmanship. Their design process is led through feeling, from the first drawings to the finishing touches, with inspiration from the natural world, organic shapes and fluid forms, which serve as ...
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