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About Blighty Antiques

A family-run business located in Gloucestershire, England, Blighty Antiques is known for its ability to source dramatic, interesting and unusual antiques from 18th-20th century. Andrew Seccombe, the owner of the business, has been dealing in antiques for over 30 years and his family have been in the antiques business for over three generations.

Blighty Antiques specialises in a eccentric mix of antiques often found in English country houses from the latter part of the 19th century including Anglo Indian, taxidermy, English and Irish furniture as well as leather armchairs, sofas and rare objects often collected by the English on there travels around the empire.

The Antiques business has transformed dramatically over the last decade and the family decided to give up its shop in Regency Cheltenham and run the business from a Georgian farm house in Gloucestershire as well as having an online offering.

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