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About Coach House Pianos

Established in 1985, Coach House Pianos is a family-run business renowned for its extensive knowledge and impeccable attention to detail. With each member of the family bringing their unique talent to the table, Coach House Pianos crosses generational divides, blending tradition with innovation to provide clients with the very best instruments.

Founded by Nick Rusling, who began his studies in furniture restoration and French polishing before training under his uncle at the Bristol Piano Company, Coach House Antiques & Restorations was born in 1985, quickly rebranding under the name Coach House Pianos following a client’s request for an old piano to be brought back to life. Word spread and Coach House Pianos soon became known as having the best prepared pianos in town.

For the past 35 years, Rusling has worked alongside two brothers, and over time their passion for both pianos and business passed to three of his sons, who have been instrumental in carrying the business forward in t...
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