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About Dual Modern, Inc.

Dual Modern’s lifetime collection of authentic American and European design began with a graceful desk lamp called Tizio by Richard Sapper for Artemide, bought on a visit to Milan in the summer of 1980. Four decades later the dealer assembles virtuous objects, representing heroic designers and makers drawn from the great pantheon of Modernism.

New York City based since 2003, the DUAL collection debuted at The Lafayette Antiques at the Warehouse in Spanish Harlem. It relocated to East 44th Street in 2005 and was presented at Center44 over seven years. The collection has been shown since 2011 at The Gallery at 200 Lex located in the New York Design Center.

The midtown Manhattan gallery offers scarce and superior examples of furniture, lighting and decorative arts arrayed in an unparalleled assortment of objects of beauty and lasting value. DUAL stands as a study and celebration of the intrinsic qualities of form, function, materials and construction in each and every collected work. ...
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