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About Fins de Siècles et Plus Gallery

After completing her medical studies, the owner of Fins de Siècles and Plus Gallery, Agnès Szabo, focused on her other passions: art and design. The Brussels-based business specialices in French, Italian and Belgian Art Deco furniture and lighting, as well as 20th-century interior design objects.

For 25 years, Agnès has collaborated with designers, architects and professionals from all over the world, in particular from the UK and the United States. As a result, Fins de Siècles et Plus has succeeded in building a unique collection of 20th-century Art Deco furniture, lighting and design.

Agnès continually updates her collection, representing the most exquisite pieces from Italy, France and Belgium. Her goal is to introduce the spirit and charm of Art Deco and 20th-century design by providing comfort and luxury at an affordable price to her customers.

But more than that, the gallery aims to establish a perfect harmony between art and the daily use of objects inside their home.

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